The Future of Education in Three Videos

Published on 28 March 2021

The phenomenal talk on education by (late) Sir Ken Robinson on TED in February 2006
On the power of Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) by education scientist Sugata Mitra on TEDGlobal in July 2010
UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, We The Future, September 2018

“No country can be successful if nearly half of its population of young people are unable to read or write.  Young people are 25 percent of our population, but 100 percent of our future.  Their call for help should be our calling.  The time is now, the need is urgent and 1.8 billion young people are waiting.”

According to UNICEF, 168 million children have been out of school for an entire year due to COVID-19 lockdown. The pandemic has swiftly shifted the classrooms from offline to online right from early 2020.

In terms of education for the post-covid world, the path to “build back better” is closely linked to the future of work.

The future of work is intricately connected to solving local and global challenges reshaping the world today – malnutrition, social justice, urbanisation, man-animal conflict, migration, technology and climate change.

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