Project Plain Talk (PPT) is a quest for holistic health and well-being in the digital age and education in the 21stcentury.

The following are the six major topics of PPT:

  1. Digi-Tech Debates: On pros and cons of digital technology
  2. Radio-Freq: On Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF), its biological mechanism of action, mitigation and adaptation
  3. Health-Wise: On how health is wealth and food is medicine
  4. Mission Green: On adapting to climate change, adopting a circular economy and the concept of less is more
  5. Kintsugi: Nothing to see here…..move on folks!
  6. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Lab: On education based on solving local and global problems

The deeply researched interdisciplinary content of Project Plain Talk (PPT) and the books based on it will be useful to students, teachers and anyone with an interest in the above-mentioned topics.

PPT is a living blog as information is constantly and relevantly updated. Readers are strongly encouraged to make use of it and purchase the BOOKS.

Please share your valuable comments, suggestions, requests and reviews.


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